Taha Nouri

Author/Composer/ Music for films

Taha Nouri

Taha Nouri, born in 1994 in the city of Ksar El-Kebir (Morocco), is currently based in Montreal, Canada.

Taha grew up in a musical environment, studying solfeggio, guitar, and Andalusian singing at the Ksar El-Kebir Conservatory of Music. Passionate about audiovisual art, he continued his studies at the Higher School of Audiovisual Arts in Marrakech after graduating high school.

Taha’s big break with the public came through the music of the opening credits of the film “3 joies” broadcast on the Moroccan channel 2M, where he composed and sang a group of Malhoun poems, including “Ah Mn Hawak” and “Khalkhal Aouicha”.

Since the release of the film, Taha’s songs have followed one another in the trends of Moroccan music, with titles like “Rou7 Ti7”, “Caftan”, to name a few. Taha Nouri’s voice and interpretation have won the admiration of a wide range of audiences of all ages, and his songs are widely shared on social media.

His music is the result of a passion for Andalusian culture, which is reflected in in-depth research into the poetry of “Ksaid” Malhoun, giving new life to millennia-old texts with modern and contemporary melodies and productions.

Author, composer, and accomplished artist, Taha writes and composes original songs in the same style, and is seen as the successor and the new face of modern Andalusian music.


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