Training in sound techniques for video game and film :

A.C.S in Sound Techniques for Video Games and Film (NNC.ON) – 16 months

Program taught, in French or in English, exclusively by active industry professionals with a strong emphasis on practical training.
The program is divided into 4 sessions, spread over 16 months.


Audio workstation
Introduction to sound design
Audio recording 101 for video games and film
The audio industry


Audio Post-Production
Sound Mixing I
Audio for Video Games I
Sound processing


Sound Mixing for Film
Sound Environments
Audio for Video Games II
Career Management II


Video Game Project

The fourth session launches the student into the workflow involved in producing a soundtrack for an audiovisual project.

  • Video game project
  • Post-production project
  • Career and project management
Post-Production Project
Career & Project Management

How To Apply

Local Students

As an institution recognized by the Ministry of Education, the level of eligibility is that of Secondary 5 or Diploma of Vocational Studies (DVS).

If Secondary 5 was obtained by equivalence (TENS, adult education courses), the student can register directly.

If Secondary 5 has been obtained at the secondary level, the student must wait 2 sessions before being able to register.

This measure applies only to Quebec students. Students from other provinces can register directly after obtaining secondary 5 (or equivalence).

Note: If you do not meet these criteria, please contact us to present your background in order for us to evaluate your eligibility.

Contact our admissions team for answers to your questions or any additional information.

Prior to registration you can submit an admission request via our online form to verify your admissibility.

To register, you’ll need to complete our application form and attach the following documents:

  • Copy of your passport identification pages,
  • Copy of your birth certificate,
  • Copy of your most recent degree,
  • Copy of the most recent transcript,
  • Payment of registration fees (250 CAD non-refundable).

You will only be asked to pay admission fees if your documents are in order and accepted.
The admission fee includes 50$ related to the Eligibility fee and 200$ related to the Registration fee.

You are eligible for the Quebec Loans & Bursaries Program if :
  • you are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, refugee or protected person under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act,
  • you live in Quebec,
  • you have been admitted to an educational institution recognized by the Ministry of Education of Quebec, Recreation and Sports or the Ministry of Higher Education, Research, Sciences and Technology for the award of financial assistance and you are enrolled full-time in recognized studies where you are considered to be taking full-time studies there,
  • you do not have sufficient financial resources to pursue studies.

For more information about financial aid, you can contact our loans and grants advisor: Alanna Quiros
(+1) 514 521-2060 Extension 206

International Students


Secondary 5 diploma or equivalent:

  • France | Belgium: Level 1 or BAC
  • United States: High school
  • United Kingdom: G.C.E. Advanced Levels
  • India: Higher Secondry School Certificate / All India Senior School Certificate (SSC) / Indian School Certificate (ISC)
  • Mexico: Bachillerato General
  • Brazil: Certificado de Ensino Médio
  • Colombia: Bachillerato.

Have a fluent level in French or English.
To be admitted to a French or English program, you must have sufficient language skills to be comfortable and to make the most of it.
Required english proficiency score: IELTS Band 6 minimum | Duolingo English Test (115 minimum)

Have an interest to learn and a passion for Audio and Music production techniques.

Professional experience is not required.
Our program is designed to train beginners as well as to allow people with some background to go further and enhance their audio-related career. 

Contact our admission advisors for additional information.

You may apply for free to assess your eligibility.

To apply, please include a scanned copy of the following documents:

  • Identification page of your passport
  • Birth certificate
  • Most recent degree
  • Most recent transcript

Payment of registration fees (250 CAD non-refundable).

Admission fees payment will be required only if you are eligible. 

Admission fees include CDN$50 for the eligibility fees and CDN$200 for the registration fees.

Once you have received your acceptance letter, you will be able to start your immigration process.

In order to come and study in Québec as an international student, you will need to obtain:

  •  The C.A.Q. (Québec Acceptance Certificate)

This document is required in order to enter the province of Quebec. You can obtain information on the application and processing times on the “Immigration Québec” website.

  • Study Permit

This document is required to study in Canada. More information on the application process and processing times can be found on the Immigration Canada site.

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