Mikaïl Standjofski-Figols

Musical Production
Composition Recording / Mixing

Mikail Standjofski-Figols made his professional debut in the production of the play ‘Urban Tales 2014’ at the Centaur Theatre. Since then, he has continued his career by directing music with Sonny Black for TheHookCo, notably for the album ‘Lapsus’ by the artist Yao and for the EP ‘Bad Sounds’ and the album ‘Into The Sun’ by the artist Alexiane.

He is also a trusted musical collaborator and sound technician for Pierre-Luc Senécal, founder of Dremeka and his personal project, the Growlers Choir.


Musitechnic graduate


Projects / Credits

Dremeka (Musical production & Mix)
TheHookCo (Musical production)
Corina Vincelli (Recording & Mix)
Growlers Choir (Musical Production)