Musitechnic: sound recording school in Montreal

A 12 Month Audio and Music Production Training

  • audio : recording / analogue mixing/ digital mixing / critical listening
  • post-production : soundscaping / montage /surround 5.1 mixing / audio integration for video games
  • computer assisted music creation: synthesis/sequencing/beatmaking

open access to our modern studios

teachers who have industry experience

access to loans and bursaries

about us

Musitechnic is a non-profit organization and has been a leader in audio and music production training since 1987.The new  training program “AUDIO PRODUCTION TECHNIQUES” uses modern production techniques taught by audio and music industry professionals to prepare a new generation of audio specialists and music creators for a future in the various fields of audio and music.

The 12 month certificate  program is recognized by the Quebec and Ontario Ministries of Education and our students get an ACS upon graduation and can benefit from government LOANS AND BURSARIES. Our graduates also have the opportunity to apply for the equivalent professional certificates in the United States and the European Union.

We support our students throughout their education with an ONLINE CAMPUS, personal tutoring, the possibility of professional activities and access to the MUSITECHNIC CAREER DEVELOPMENT FUND.

Come visit our 3 ANALOGUE STUDIOS, 6 DIGITAL STUDIOS and 3 LABS with 60 WORKSTATIONS  to see the tools that are available for you to work on school and personal projects during your stay at MUSITECHNIC.

Reasons why you should seriously consider MUSITECHNIC

What our graduates are up to