Musitechnic stands out among audio engineering schools by offering the highest level of comprehensive training in audio recording and sound design. Our curriculum blends practical skills with creative techniques, ensuring you gain expertise in producing high-quality sound for various media platforms. With our advanced audio engineering programs, distinguish yourself in the competitive job market and become a frontrunner with the top-notch training provided by Musitechnic.

Program Highlights


Rigorous Curriculum

  • Comprehensive coverage of both fundamental and advanced concepts in sound design and recording, including elements of the best sound engineering training.
  • Ensures a deep understanding of the field, preparing students for diverse challenges in the audio industry, such as those encountered in audio visual engineer training.

Expert Faculty with Real-World Experience

  • Program taught by industry professionals with significant experience and achievements in music production programs.
  • This includes insights from best program for music production, offering insights into current industry practices and trends, enriching the learning experience with real-world relevance.

Project-Based Learning Approach

  • Curriculum includes collaborative projects that simulate real-world scenarios and challenges, akin to those found in audio production classes.
  • Enhances problem-solving skills and creativity, preparing students for the dynamic nature of the industry.

Advanced Technology and Facilities

  • Access to modern studios equipped with the latest audio recording and editing technology, including practical applications found in a sound engineering course and sound editing course.
  • Provides hands-on experience with tools used in professional settings, enhancing practical skills essential for sound audio engineering.

Strong Industry Connections

  • Established partnerships with leading companies and professionals in the audio industry, a key component of our sound engineer classes and music engineering programs.
  • Facilitates networking opportunities, internships, and potential job placements, providing a pathway to career success with insights from our audio production training.

Career-Ready Skills Development

  • Focus on developing both technical skills and soft skills like communication and teamwork, as emphasized in our comprehensive music engineering school.
  • Equips students with a well-rounded skill set that is highly valued in the job market, preparing them for diverse roles encountered in music production courses.

Career Opportunities

Embark on a promising career path with Musitechnic’s “SOUND DESIGN AND RECORDING” program, a part of our broader music production program. Our dedicated career opportunities section, which includes a focus on course music production, is designed to illuminate the vibrant future that awaits our graduates in fields like sound engineering and audio engineering. We don’t just educate; we connect you to the heart of the industry. With our extensive network of industry partners and a commitment to your professional success in audio engineering, we open doors to exciting job prospects and collaborations in sound engineering.

Success Stories


Industry Partnerships and Job Placement Support

Enhances employment prospects by facilitating introductions and connections with key industry players, including those associated with audio engineering schools in Canada and music production program, significantly increasing the likelihood of securing a job post-graduation.


Practical Experience Through Internships

Equips students with practical, on-the-job experience, making them highly desirable to employers in areas like sound engineering and course music production, and giving them a competitive edge in the job market.


Professional Development and Networking Events

Offers invaluable opportunities for building a professional network and gaining insights into the industry, particularly beneficial for students from music schools in Montreal and those pursuing audio engineering. This also provides essential skills for career advancement in fields like music production program and sound engineering.


Unlock mastery through practice. As a student, benefit from free access to our 8 studios et 3 labs from Monday to Saturday. Elevate your skills as an audio engineer with Musitechnic – where education meets hands-on innovation.

8 Studios

Our campus contains 6 Digital & 2 classic analog studios. 4 Equipped with 5.1 surround sound, industry standard software and plugins.

Audio Gear

50+ standard microphones, processing hardware (compressors, preamps, f-x), musical instruments (guitars, bass, drums, percussion, amplifiers), synthesizers and midi controllers.

3 Labs

Containing 45 individual workstations, each with a Mac equipped with the latest industry standard software and plugins.

How to Apply to Musitechnic in 3 Easy Steps!

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Answer questions about yourself in addition to your transcripts to determine your suitability for acceptance into the Musitechnic program, a renowned music production school

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Hear from our
Successful Grads

Musitechnic cultivates a close-knit, like-minded student culture that provides a collaborative and creative environment like you’ve never experienced before, akin to what is found at the best sound engineering schools in Canada.

A very good school that can teach you the different sound professions, much like the best music engineering schools. The team is attentive and motivating. Plenty of studios to practice in, a hallmark of top audio production schools.

Emilie Blaise

Diplômé de 2020

Qualified teachers who care about their students’ success, facilities that are ready and waiting to work on your projects, and great opportunities, similar to what you would find in leading audio engineering programs.

Pierre Mazoyer

Diplômé de 2019

Excellent training! The teachers are all passionate about what they teach and you really feel it, a characteristic shared with the finest music engineering schools.

Hugo Bonnaric

Diplômé de 2019


Content and services included in the tuition fees

For the A.C.S. in Recording and Sound Design (program available in French or in English):

Tuition includes:

  • 1620 hours of training (including 540 hours of practice, 420 hours of theory, and 660 hours of personal work),
  • Access to the online campus including the academic calendar and course materials, video archives of lectures as well as master classes and discounts offered by our partners. 
  • Free access to the studios and laboratories of Collège Unica (known as Musitechnic), subject to availability, for the duration of the program.
  •  Internship/job offers during and after the program.
  • Access to the school’s equipment and all workstations equipped with over 235 plugins and audio softwares including : Pro Tools, Ableton Live, Cubase, Studio One, Wwise…
Admissions' criteria

Local candidates: 

  • As an institution recognized by the Ministry of Education, the minimum level of study required is the High School Degree (HSD), or its international equivalent.
  • If the high school degree has been completed, the candidate must wait 2 sessions before applying. If the high school degree has been completed by equivalence (TENS, adult courses) the candidate can register right away.
  • This measure applies only to Quebec candidates. Applicants from other provinces can register directly after obtaining their high school degree (or equivalent).
  • More information at


International candidates:

As an institution recognized by the Ministry of Education, the minimum level of study required is the High School Degree (HSD), or its international equivalent.

We accept the following diploma (and their international equivalencies)

  • Baccalauréat (BAC)
  • Brevet Technique (BEP)
  • Other technical/vocational training

Note: If these criteria do not match your profile, please contact us to evaluate your eligibility.

Tuition fees

Access the online payment portal secure

For the 16-month A.C.S. program:

➢ Canadian citizens or permanent residents living in Quebec

Tuition fees for the entire 16-month program are CDN$18,050 : 

  • Frais d’éligibilité: 50 $ CA

  • Frais d’inscription: 200 $ CA

  • You are eligible for loans and bursaries from the Quebec Government, and will be able to pay the remaining CDN$17,800 in 4 installments of CDN$4,450 each, corresponding to the 4 sessions of the program.

➢ Canadian citizens or permanent residents living outside Quebec

Tuition fees for the entire 16-month program are CDN$18,050 :

  • Frais d’éligibilité: 50 $ CA

  • Frais d’inscription: 200 $ CA

  • You must verify if you are eligible for loans and bursaries in your province, and will be able to pay the remaining CDN$17,800 in 4 instalments of CDN$4, 450 each, corresponding to the 4 sessions of the program.

➢ International candidates

Tuition fees for the entire 16-month program is CDN$22,050 for international students.

  • Frais d’éligibilité: 50 $ CA

  • Frais d’inscription: 200 $ CA

  • You are not eligible for Quebec loans and bursaries. We advise you to check with your country’s authorities to see if you are eligible for a scholarship for study abroad.
  • You will be able to pay the remaining CDN$21,800 in 4 instalments (4 x CDN$5450).
Comment soumettre une candidature ?
Contact George Maziotis, our Director of Admissions, at to get answers to your questions.

You may use our online application form.

Please make sure to attach the following scanned documents: 

  • Copy of your passport identification page;
  • Copy of your birth certificate;
  • Copy of your most recent diploma;
  • Copy of your most recent transcripts;

Upon your admission to the program of your choice, you’ll be required to pay the CDN$250 admissions fees (non-refundable).

[International Candidates Only]

Once you receive the acceptance letter of from us, you will be able to begin your immigration process.

In order to study in Quebec as an international student, you will need to request:

  •  An C.A.Q (Québec Acceptance Certificate)

Document required to enter Quebec territory. Find more information on the application and its average processing time on the “Immigration Québec” website.

Find more information about the application and its average processing time on the Canada immigration website:

  • Study Permit

Document required to study in Canada. Find more information about the application and its average processing time on the Canada immigration website.

What is the level of English required to attend the English programs?

The level of English required to take the course in English:

  • IELTS overall score of 6.0 and above, with a minimum of 5.5 per section;
  • We also take into consideration the TOEFL and DUOLINGO (90 required).
Musitechnic Formation - Our DLI Number

To apply for a study permit, you need an acceptance letter from a designated learning institution (DLI). A DLI is a school approved by a provincial or territorial government to host international students.

Collège Unica (known as Musitechnic) is a designated educational institution. 

DLI number: O19338447415 

(# d’EED est le « DLI number » en anglais)

Official Website

Program code to enter in your financial aid application

To make things easier for you, Unica College (known as Musitechnic) has designed this section to help you identify the 5-digit program code you need to enter on your financial aid application. 

  • Educational institution code of Collège Unica (known as Musitechnic) is 749841.
  • Program Code for the A.C.S. in Sound Recording and Design: NNC0S

(if this does not work, try: NNC0S-960)

Degree Equivalencies (US and/or EU)

Our A.C.S are internationally recognized and correspond to certain equivalences in the United States and Europe.

If you wish to assess these equivalencies, we invite you to write to in order to obtain more information on the process.

Article 4 du Règlement sur le régime des études collégiales

Is eligible for a program of study leading to an attestation of collegial studies, the person who has an education deemed sufficient by the college and who meets one of the following conditions:

  1. 1° elle a interrompu ses études à temps plein ou poursuivi des études postsecondaires à temps plein pendant au moins 2 sessions consécutives ou une année scolaire;
  2. elle est visée par une entente conclue entre le collège et un employeur ou elle bénéficie d’un programme gouvernemental.
  3. elle a interrompu ses études à temps plein pendant une session et a poursuivi des études postsecondaires à temps plein pendant une session;
  4. elle est titulaire du diplôme d’études professionnelles.
    Est admissible à un programme d’études conduisant à une attestation d’études collégiales, le titulaire du diplôme d’études secondaires qui satisfait à l’une des conditions suivantes:

1° le programme d’études permet d’acquérir une formation technique dans un domaine pour lequel il n’existe aucun programme d’études conduisant au diplôme d’études collégiales

2° le programme d’études est visé par une entente conclue entre le ministre et un ministère ou un organisme du gouvernement du Québec en matière de formation.
D. 1006-93, a. 4; D. 962-98, a. 2; D. 724-2008, a. 7; L.Q. 2013, c. 28, a. 193; D. 1153-2017, a. 5.

3. — Activités de mise à niveau et activités favorisant la réussite

D. 1153-2017, a. 6.


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