Conference : Cinematic mixing for Ubisoft’s For Honor

Mixing for Film VS Mixing for Gaming

How do you mix content that is dynamically controlled by the user? This is the challenge when mixing audio for video games. It is even harder to do when we want to give the user a full cinematic experience!

This is the direction that Yves Breton (Musitechnic graduate and Directeur audio Ubisoft Mtl) and  Arnaud Noble (Senior Audio Artist  Ubisoft Mtl) have taken to create the interactive cinematic environment for  the video game “For Honor” by UbiSoft.

FREE Conference @ Musitechnic

 Yves Breton and  Arnaud Noble  will be at Musitechnic on Febuary 20 to present and demonstrate the techniques used to mix the soundscape and audio  to optimize Ubisoft’s video game For Honor.
Do not miss this free occasion to better understand how to capture and control the attention of game players.