Course: Composing music for film and video games



This course has for objective to introduce students to music composition for film, TV and video games. In the 15 blocks of 3 hours, the students will learn film music evolution, music theory notions and writing techniques for film and interactive music.

DATES : february 16 to June 8

Total of 45 hours : lab and theory 

  • 15 blocks of 3 hours
  • Saturday only
  • Saturday from 10am to 1pm


  • Can use a keyboard (piano, synth) 
  • Actual user of a sequencer / DAW: Cubase, ProTools, Logic, Nuendo, Digital Performer
  • Basic music prerequisites:
    • Comprehension of intervals (second major etc)
    • Comprehension of JAZZ chords (Major, minor, Augmented, diminished and chord extensions)
    • Comprehension of reversed chords
    • Comprehension of timing principles (binary/third)
    • To be familiar with the instruments of the orchestra (optional)

Trainer : MEDHAT HANBALImedhat-hanbali-compositeur

Composer and ranger for film, TV, video games and pop music since 2009.

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Your take-away

  • History and evolution of film music
  • Musical theory, arrangement techniques and MIDI orchestration
  • Creating emotions and sound scapes
  • Studies of musical styles
  • Working for the image (Analysis of the scene’s needs)
  • Composing techniques for interactive music (video game)
  • Industry’s norms and practical tips to develop your career

Our Approach

The three hour blocks are devided in tow parts: theory and practice. In the theory part, the trainer will use video and music examples to illustrate the concepts. He will create a composition to put in context the notions seen in theory and provide examples of  advanced MIDI orchestration.

In the practical part, the students will compose also a music using the techniques seen with the trainer. The trainer will be supporting the students in their work.


Each students has access to an iMac with Cubase, Komplete (NI), a MIDI keyboard and an audio interface.

The students dan also bring their own computer and composition software if they want.

**Important** : students must bring their own pair of headphones.



Cost :

Rebate before February 1st : 300$ (plus tax)

Starting February 1st:

450$ (plus tax) for students and Musitechnic’s graduates.

600$ (plus tax) for the public

Max number of students : 15 maximum

Level : intermediate



Start: February 16th, 2019
Number of blocks : 15
Day: Saturday 10am to 1pm
End: June 8th, 2019


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