jonathan doyon – eekkoo


Jonathan has been a music producer for years with releases on labels like Often Gruven, Hamburg Afnahmen, Flat Belly Recordings but it was his remix of Channel 42 , originally written by Deadmau5 and Wolfgang Gartner that caught the attention of renowned BBC radio DJ, Peter Tong. Jonathan (aka Eekkoo) now has just released his first EP on the Mau5trap label. Musitechnic’s Interview with Jonathan Doyon,   IglooFest interview with EEKKOO


sonny black


Sonny opened his first recording studio in 1998 and continues to own and operate his current facility SONNY BLACK PRODUCTIONS. He became very active on the Hip Hop scene and has produced/engineered projects such as Dubmatique, Yvon Kreve, Sans Pression etc. He produced the first album by Corneille and followed up with a series of hits by K.maro, Shy’m and more recently by Marc Antoine. Sonny is also a keyboard player/songwriter and received the SOCAN International Award 2009 for his co-writing with Marc Antoine. See Musitechnic’s Interview with Sonny


gabriel boucher


Gabriel works as a specialist in sound design and audio post-production on a large variety of projects. He has succeeded in creating strong corporate links with his many clients. Gabriel has manufactured his own line of compressors and operates STUDIO CHAMBORD.


christian st-germain


Christian does audio recording and mixing for music (Lara Fabian, Marc Hervieux, Marie-Élaine Thibert), film audio (Starbuck) and television audio post-production as well as being a sound designer and producer. Christian also plays guitar. Musitechnic interview with Christian St Germain


rufat aliev


Rufat has been a freelance live soundman for various venues such as the Théâtre Corona, Rialto and the Divan Orange. He is the Live/recording/mixing engineer for the classical string ensemble Collectif 9 and has just returned from a tour of China and Europe. Rufat is a sponsored artist by Seinhauser/Neuman. He also plays drums when he gets the chance. Musitechnic’s interview with Rufat

Iain Booth

iain booth

Iain has extensive experience as a studio tech (Cirque de Soleil, Sofa, Jean Leloup, Gilles Vigneault, Daniel Belanger, Jean-Pierre Ferland, Zebulon etc), as a live soundman (Osheaga, Mtl Festival de jazz, Metropolis etc) and live-to-air television audio mixer (Senior Audio Global, CTV). Iain plays guitar and has opened for the likes of Tragically Hip, Killing Joke, Allanah Miles, Barenaked Ladies. He also owns and operates Studio SB and currently plays guitar with Stroboscopica.


karim blondy


Karim started working as a sound technician for radio and theater in the United States before studying at Musitechnic. Since then he has worked as a technician in post-production, radio, live music and television. Karim is presently working at CBC Radio and Delle-Arte. He is a multi-instrumentalist playing stringed instruments with his band MaKam. He has also composed music for other artists and several short films. Karim is now in the process of writing a book on techniques in sound engineering for Musitechnic.


philippe génier


As a composer and beat-maker Philippe specializes in musical production and jingles for television shows and short film. He also does post production mixing for webcasts.


bernard epaud


On top of being a sound technician, Bernard is a sound designer, arranger and guitar player. He has a degree in technical scoring from the University of Montreal and a Masters in composition. Bernard is also a composer at Cayola Productions and has created soundtracks for documentaries, TV pilots, movies and websites. He released a solo album in 2010 and is presently working on a new album.


frédéric lanteigne


Frederic graduated from CEGEP Drummondville in Classic and Popular Percussion and Techniques de sons. He has done live sound for the equestrian show Cavalia and Solotech. Frederic lso currently works at Audiotechnik as an electronics repairman fixing anything from consoles to broken speakers. He also plays drums and can be heard on numerous recordings.

dan smith



Dan injects his passion for audio and love for music into everything he does whether it be post-production (LOL 🙂 TVA), mixing music (RomiBuns, Jacques Rousseau) or recording and mixing complete albums (Angle of Attack, Caro Bé). He owns and operates OPEN HOUSE STUDIO on the South Shore.